LakeHills Community church has been sponsoring Awana clubs for over 30 years. In order to run a successful program, we rely on church members and parents to volunteer. Watch this video to learn more about why volunteering is important.

We have a variety of leadership roles in need of volunteers. Read the short descriptions of each role and prayerfully consider which one may be right for you.

The Awana® commander heads up our church’s Awana ministry. Under the guidance of the pastor, the commander is the communication link between the church staff and the Awana ministry. A commander makes a lasting difference in the lives of kids, families and volunteers inside and outside the church. A commander sets the tone for the ministry’s passion and commitment to evangelize and disciple kids and teens. He ensures that volunteers and teachers present the gospel regularly, accurately and clearly. He also works with church staff to achieve the church’s evangelism and discipleship goals for Awana.
Do you like fun and excitement? Then this role is for you! The goal of Awana® is to attract kids so they come regularly to hear the gospel and learn God’s Word. Game Time draws kids back to Awana again and again. The Awana game director plays a key role by planning and implementing exciting team games and encouraging an atmosphere of healthy competition, good sportsmanship and teamwork.
Game leaders will assist the game director in implementing games. They also assist in maintaining proper discipline and order, and model good sportsmanship. Most importantly they exhibit enthusiasm and a positive, “let’s-have-fun” attitude!
Awana® directors oversee one age-specific club or youth program. A director has the unique opportunity to guide and shepherd the leaders who work directly with clubbers and students. One of their main responsibilities is to equip others to serve. Directors cast the vision for the whole ministry year.
A leader is a child or teen’s main Awana® contact, mentor and role model. As a leader, you will report to the club or youth program director and be responsible for leading a small group of children. It’s your job to guide your small group through meetings each week. As a leader you impact kids’ lives for eternity by cultivating and nurturing relationships with them and hopefully their families as well.
Hearing children recite God’s Word from memory is a great blessing. Helping them know and understand the verses they hide in their hearts is a powerful ministry opportunity for you. Listeners assist Awana Clubs leaders by hearing kids recite verses they’ve studied during the Handbook Time portion. Handbook Time is when children get individual attention from leaders and listeners to complete the handbook sections they worked on during the week.