Did you know, life is not meant to be lived alone? In fact, God encourages community, after all he is 3 in 1. Truth is, you were created to experience life with other people, and that’s why at LakeHills Community Church we encourage you to join a small group. Our small groups are family and just like with any family, we want ours to grow. We believe small groups are an easy way to invite others and to connect with those within the LakeHills Community. We believe small groups are one key aspect in leading others to a strong relationship with Christ and his followers. Our small groups meet weekly in homes, at LakeHills Community Church, and other venues around our community.

So what exactly is a small group? The answer is simple. A small group is a gathering of three or more people who meet each week to study God’s word and live it out. In a group you’ll hang out, study together, and pray for each other. Groups come in all shapes and sizes, so go ahead and give our small groups a try. It may just change your life.

We have adult groups meeting during the week at various times and locations! Each group runs for 4 or 5 months cycles. For more information regarding Small Groups, please contact the LakeHills Office at info@lakehills.cc.