LakeHills Kids Zone

  • Sunday, 10:30am – Junior Church

We value children just as Jesus Christ did. Your little ones will be cared for by our loving church member volunteers while you participate in our worship service. Kids are given plenty of time to move, play, and learn about God’s word using age appropriate lessons in a fun and safe environment. We have classes and childcare available for nursery age through 6th grade.

Over the next 6 months (November to April) LakeHills Community Church will be raising funds for its Children’s Ministry Program. All contributions given will be used solely for a ministry we believe Christ truly values. Such projects will include the refurbishing of building space, the continued implementation of improved curriculum, the addition of necessary outdoor play space, & the possible hire of personnel. If you are interested in learning more, information will be shared this Sunday & Pledge Cards will be available. If you feel ready to give now, you can by mailing your support, placing it in our offering, or via our church website. All donations should be marked “Children’s Ministry” when given. We appreciate your support!