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“LakeHills Community Church has been a tremendous answer to prayer. My wife and I were feeling lost in the mix, trying to find a church where we fit in. While my wife, kids and I have attended many amazing churches, LakeHills has continued to intrigue us. What has captivated us most is the heart of the pastor, his wife and the congregation. Ever since we first attended, we have felt genuine relationships and security for our family’s growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The pastor’s well grounded messages and Holy Spirit driven vision continue to challenge and equip us to do God’s work. Simply put, LakeHills has much to offer and we love it here. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful church.” Jeff W.
“Wow! LakeHills is one of the most welcoming places we’ve ever found! We knew we were home the moment we walked in the door! All the church members are so kind. It doesn’t feel cliquey at all. Worship is very low key, which is refreshing from the popular concert-like style among many churches today. The church immediately jumped into helping my family through a rough time and sent us dinners, diapers and encouraging prayers! We love LakeHills and would recommend everyone to come on by!” Ben & Jessi J.
“When you go to this church, it doesn’t matter if you’re a first time visitor or a long time member, it feels comfortable.” Pat G.
“This church is great! The worship is awesome and the messages are terrific! I’ve been a part of LakeHills for some time and I’ve experienced God’s blessing throughout. The truth is, this church is serving our community and inspiring growth and it is fantastic! Great things are happening at LakeHills Community Church and I am so blessed to call this church my home! You should definitely give it a try.” Regina S.
“I moved to Lake Elsinore in 2004 and was immediately welcomed to the community by a local church I had never attended. The Youth Group of LakeHills Community Church, under the direction of the late, Kris Baldwin, helped unload my moving truck and organize the boxes. That blessing was the first of many I’ve experienced during my time attending this church. Having now attended for 14 years, I find the heart of the church and its service driven nature more prevalent than ever before, and I’m happy to be a part of it.” Jean S.

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